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We are asia's most trusted, widely used ChatBot across banking, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, travel and eCommerce.

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Accelerate your revenues with CoRover AI Platform

CoRover AI Conversational platform can help convert more leads, boost your sales, save cost, reduce support activities and enhance customer experience.

The most sought out Products from CoRover


Intelligent Virtual Assistant with Realtime Analytics


Revolutionary AI based VideoBot. First Time in the World. Human Centric AI! Click Here for Details


Access voice bot in any language with phone call, even in feature phone without internet


Ask for any news in any language by voice or text

Social Media Bot

Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Skype, Google Assistant, Line, Telegraph, and more.)


AI bot via SMS, without internet


100+ Foreign and 12+ Vernacular Languages

WhatsApp Bot

Structure Bot and AI Bot in WhatsApp


Chatbot to Human/Agent Handoff

Clients & Partners

Clients & Partners

Integrations Supported

Languages Supported


CoRover powered AI Conversational Platform can help you to improve sales, save cost, reduce support activities, and improve customer/employee engagement & satisfaction. Same solution can be deployed across various industries


ChatBot can help, automate and streamline a variety of functions which are repetitive in nature and, in turn improve positive customer satisfaction & reduce overall operational costs.

CoRover Conversational AI Platform

Conversational AI platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help businesses give quick, auto and authentic responses to the users’ queries & actions, in any language (foreign, vernacular), any channel (web, app, social media, IVR, SMS, e-mail), any format (Video, Voice, Text); so that users can save time and organizations can generate more revenue; reduce support effort (~70%); reduce cost (~30%); improve customer/employee/user experience/satisfaction and operational excellence. Very easy to train and very easy to integrate, using our patent protected Chatbot Markup Language (CBML) and Chatbot as a Service (CaaS) ®.

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Improve Sales

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Reduce Support Activities

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Increase in Customer Engagement/Satisfaction

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Getting rid of your development time for ChatBot

ChatBot as a Service (CaaS)®

• Video, Voice, Text, Smart IVR
enabled Bot • AI, ML, NLP & CBML • Sentiment Analysis • Integration Live Chat (Human Handoff)

No Language Barrier

• Supports more than 100+ different languages • All Indian vernacular languages

Flexible Deployment

• Cloud • On-premise • Hybrid

Omni Channel & Omni Platform

• Web, Mobile (Android & iOS) • SMS, Email, IVR • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, etc.)

Integration is Easy

• API’s, IVR, ServiceNow etc. • Real-time analytics dashboard

Secure, Scalable and Accurate

• Secure & Light-weight • Reliable, Concurrent & Auto Scalable • Deep Learning enabled patent protective CoRover Cognitive AI framework for much better accuracy


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