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  • CoRover's Flagship ChatBot AskDisha
    has been honored with
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    most promising
    Conversational AI Platform

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CoRover powered AI Conversational Platform can help you to improve sales, save cost, reduce support activities, and improve customer/employee engagement & satisfaction. Same solution can be deployed across various industries


ChatBot can help, automate and streamline a variety of functions which are repetitive in nature and, in turn improve positive customer satisfaction & reduce overall operational costs.

CoRover Conversational AI Platform

Conversational AI platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help businesses give quick, auto and authentic responses to the users’ queries & actions, in any language (foreign, vernacular), any channel (web, app, social media, IVR, SMS, e-mail), any format (Video, Voice, Text); so that users can save time and organizations can generate more revenue; reduce support effort (~70%); reduce cost (~30%); improve customer/employee/user experience/satisfaction and operational excellence. Very easy to train and very easy to integrate, using our patent protected Chatbot Markup Language (CBML) and Chatbot as a Service (CaaS) ®.

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Improve Sales

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Reduce Support Activities

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Increase in Customer Engagement/Satisfaction

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Getting rid of your development time for ChatBot

ChatBot as a Service (CaaS)®

• Video, Voice, Text, Smart IVR
enabled Bot • AI, ML, NLP & CBML • Sentiment Analysis • Integration Live Chat (Human Handoff)

No Language Barrier

• Supports more than 50 different foreign languages • All Indian vernacular languages

Flexible Deployment

• Cloud • On-premise • Hybrid

Omni Channel & Omni Platform

• Web, Mobile (Android & iOS) • SMS, Email, IVR • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, etc.)

Integration is Easy

• API’s, IVR, ServiceNow etc. • Real-time analytics dashboard

Secure, Scalable and Accurate

• Secure & Light-weight • Reliable, Concurrent & Auto Scalable • Deep Learning enabled patent protective CoRover Cognitive AI framework for much better accuracy


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