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BharatGPT, CoRover’s Large Language Model, supports more than 12 Indian languages and over 120 foreign languages, through text, voice and even video. CoRover, human-centric conversational AI platform, has now Generative AI capabilities as well. It provides all the features required to build and manage chatbots across communication channels, like a dialogue/conversation management tool. A Conversational AI platform should have components, such as a user interface, a dialogue management system, and the capability to be integrated with different systems and data sources, along with the capability for voice and video. CoRover’s BharatGPT is based on data and information present over the internet and with an option to fine-tune and add more content. The additional content added is contextual of the region, sector, domain, client, business, and specific use cases, that helps deliver updated and relevant information to a customer’s query. Importantly, the data (on CoRover Conversational AI platform and Bharat GPT) remains in India. It also has the ability to add a custom knowledge base and a capability to integrate with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for real-time transactions.

Please choose your preferred language’s
Open AI’s
Users 1 B+ 100 M+
Accuracy of responses Consistently above 90% NA
Security CMMI Level 5 Y N
ISO 9001 Y NA
ISO 27001 Y NA
3rd party Security Test & Certification from CERT-In empanelled company Y N
Features & Functionality Own Generative AI (Large Language Model) Y Y
Generative AI to write Code, Rap, Essay, Poem, etc. NA Y
Generative AI Video, interactive digital twin Y N
Code free Development Y N
Voice & Video Commerce Y N
AI VideoBot Y N
Metaverse Readiness Y N
Multi-Intent Recognition Y N
Integrated Live Chat Y N
Omni-Channel Y N
Sentiment Analysis Y Y
Speech Synthesis Y N
Conversational AI Y Y
Hybrid (Video, Voice, Text, Touch, Click) Y N
Languages Supported 120+ 95 (but it takes instructions only in English)
Chatbot on Own Website Y N
Technologies AI, ML, DL, NLP, RPA, AR, VR, IOT, technologies together can be used. Metaverse Readiness is there AI, ML, DL, NLP, RPA technologies can be used
Multimedia Capable of running rich media (text, image, audio, video), maps on chatbot. N
Context Continuity/State Y Y
Walk the Talk (Using own product) Y N
Auto Suggestion Y Y
Forms, Cards, QR Codes, Carrousels, Video, Images, Links, eMail, Fom in Text Support Y N
Integrated Payment Gateway KYC – Authentication Y Y
Document to Text (printed as well as hand-written) Y N
Q&A Making Capability Y Y
Real-time Analytics Dashbaord Y N
CoRover's BharatGPT Architecture