Google Business Messages

Google Business Messages

Reduce customer acquisition costs and drive sales with conversational AI chatbots on Google Search and Maps. Also, Business Messages are a better way to chat with customers.
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Why Google Business Messages?

There are 8.5 billion Google searches happening daily. 75% of consumers prefer to engage with brands over private messaging channels rather than over traditional channels.

• Google’s Business Messages enables the chat option for the business listings of brands on Google Search results, Maps, and Google Ads. 
• Google’s Business Messages can help route calls to chat, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.
• Google's Business Messages will allow you to meet your customers where they are at their moment of need.

Help Businesses and Users meaningfully connect

Google Business Messages, powered by

Besides enabling the “Messages” button in the listing for search, maps, and ads, CoRover can now provide live agent support, product recommendations, schedule appointments, make purchases, complete payments, and many more.

01. Expand your market and connect with new customers.

With Google Business Messages, you can interact with customers and reduce friction.

02. Increase sales by creating digital customer experiences.

With Conversational AI chatbots for GBM, you can now sell or buy directly to your customers without any human interaction.

Industry Use Cases for Google’s Business Messaging:

Every business vertical where instant responses between the buyer and seller are critical, can opt for GBM. CoRover even integrates GBM with the live agent software used by brands or even deploy its own version for them to extract the benefits of GBM.

Financial Services:

How financial services brands can leverage Business Messages

Key use cases

  • Account offerings
  • Mortgage rates
  • Insurance policies
  • Apply and open new accounts
  • Product search/selection
  • Report lost cards
  • Transfer funds
  • Set up savings plans
  • Branch capabilities

Key use cases

  • Confirm services
  • Book appointments
  • Check health guidance
  • Book telehealth calls
  • Change appointments
  • Organize deliveries

Healthcare & Government:

How healthcare and government organizations can leverage Business Messages


How retailers can leverage Business Messages

Key use cases


  • Product search/selection
  • Order confirmation and shipping
  • Queue tracker (wait times)
  • Promote special offers


  • Product location (store aisle)
  • Consult an expert
  • Book store appointment
  • Inventory lookup/availability

Key use cases

  • Search inventory
  • Make reservations
  • Check bookings status
  • Change a reservation
  • Loyalty program offers

Travel & Hospitality:

How travel and hospitality can leverage Business Messages


How logistics companies can leverage Business Messages

Key use cases

  • Check delivery times
  • Change order details
  • Track a package
  • Find pickup locations

Key use cases

  • Purchase new device
  • New or upgraded service
  • Schedule in-store visit
  • Book home appointment
  • Troubleshooting support
  • Applications
  • Usage alerts
  • Compare plans
  • Bill payment

Tech & Telecom:

How tech and telecom brands can leverage Business Messages

Auto Dealer:

How auto dealers can leverage Business Messages

Key use cases

  • Explore inventory
  • Car option/availability
  • Pricing quotes
  • Schedule test drive

Key use cases

  • Search for agent
  • Book in-office visit
  • Explore inventory
  • Schedule tours

Real Estate Agencies:

How real estate agencies can leverage Business Messages