As health services become patient-centric, offering personalized and satisfactory experience is of utmost priority for healthcare providers.

Virtual assistants save time and make life easier via automated customer support. Grand View Research predicts that the global chatbot market will reach 1.25 billion dollars by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 24.3 percent.

ChatBot, VideoBot & AI seems to be an alternative for traditional healthcare sector

VideoBot seems to be an alternate for

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Of the overall hospitals & practitioners throughout the world will have ChatBot integrated on their websites to provide quick & reliable information to patients by 2025
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Reduction in operational & patient treatment costs by use of AI in Healthcare sector
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Trust & Confidence for Patients & Relatives to get the required necessary information fast when they needed it most

How CoRover can help improve in adoption of AI solutions in HealthCare Sector

Availability and Ongoing Monitoring

All Healthcare practitioners genuinely willing to help their patients and they do understand how vital it is to provide information to them when they needed it most. Unfortunately, like any other human being, they also have limited time and a lot of patients to take care of which makes it impossible to be

available round the clock. But, through CoRover ChatBot Patients can get the required & immediate accurate information at the time of help.
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Many a times, patient’s wants to interact with the doctors over face to face. It might not be possible for the doctors to be available at all the time, so a HealthCare centric CoRover offered VideoBot solution can help the patients to get these nswers quickly wherein they get a feel of real interaction.


Scheduling appointments over ChatBot, VideoBot or IVR

Virtual assistants for healthcare websites is a great tool to begin communicating with future possible patients, People are able to schedule an appointment with a medical specialist which in this case here is a Bot that can book an appointment online instantly.

Our ChatBot is designed in a way to match patients with the relevant doctors and keep a track of their visits and follow up in case the information is needed in future

Patients can book appointments over ChatBot, VideoBot or even through AI conversational IVR that makes life easy for all.

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ChatBots in healthcare & medical institutions can offer various services from symptom checking and appointment scheduling to dealing with additional questions. People are able to get answers to their additional questions with the help of chatbot. There is no need for them to call the clinic to clarify some

misunderstanding. CoRover ChatBot can provide authentic additional information to the Patients even after their appointments.
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Providing support and additional information

Reminder Services

Bot can send patients reminders when they are required, like the patient is required to take the Pill A, or they need to do exercise everyday for an hour. Prescription refills as a reminder are some of the use cases which CoRover powered AI Conversational Bot designed specifically for Healthcare sector

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With the help of ChatBot, healthcare practitioners & medical institutions can save around 40% of their current case. Patients do call the clinics/call center many a times for get the required information multiple times which increases cost of operation by employing a lot of agents. The Bot can be used to

automate these mundane and routine tasks such as patient surveys and appointment bookings.
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Reduce Operational Costs

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