WhatsApp Bot

WhatsApp Bot

What is WhatsApp Bot?

A WhatsApp Chatbot is a virtual assistant that uses the user's whatsapp text as input to queries. The query of the user is answered by an automated response in the language of the user's choice. We have a menu driven structured bot as well as an AI powered NLP bot, where users can ask any query in any language and get the correct answer. We support session based as well as template based messages/notifications. API integration and payment gateway integration is also possible.

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WhatsApp Automation

WhatsaApp Bot automates responses for customer support queries, lead nurturing by responding to product queries, send transaction specific messages based on purchase history to increase customer engagement and retention.

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WhatsApp Bot Automation

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WhatsApp Bot Features

• Instant & Accurate Response • Easy Integration, in just 10 mins • Video, Voice, Text based Chatbot • AI, ML & NLP Enabled • VR (Virtual Reality) & AR (Augmented Reality) Support • Multi Language Support (Foreign & Regional/Vernacular) • Live Dashboard to Monitor the Questions Asked, Accuracy and Feedback of the Users • Sentiment Analysis • Multi-Intent Sentence Simplification • Live Chat Integration • 500 Million+ Active Users • 4 Million+ Daily Active Users

• Accuraccy, Reliability, Security and Scalability are paramount • Revenue Making Opportunity for our clients with our Advertisement Platform • Omni-Channel Chatbot can be integrated with website, android app, iOS app, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, IVR, Live Chat, Email, Twitter, Slack, Skype, Google Assistant and any provided APIs • Developed a new language, CBML (Chatbot Mark-up Language), which makes it very simple for anyone who knows English to create a conversational bot having contextual dialogue and workflow management. This language defines the journeys

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WhatsApp Bot FAQs

  1. Download WhatsApp Business on your phone and register your phone number for a WhatsApp Business account. 
  2. Signup for a Free CoRover Bot and add your business related frequently asked questions and answers.
  3. Connect your WhatsApp business account phone number to CoRover Bot.
  4. Your WhatsApp Bot is ready to go live.
  5. Publish your WhatsApp business number to your customers and they can now Chat with your business automatically on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp chatbot is a software program that connects your WhatsApp phone number to an automated conversational bot. Any queries on the WhatsApp number will be automatically answered by the bot without any human intervention.

The Bot can be trained and configured to chat in multiple languages, provide both static and dynamic responses.

Singup for a CoRover AI Bot and the WhatsApp API account is included.

By default English language is supported with CoRover Free WhatsApp Bot. More Languages can be added at an additional cost.