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Take the stress out of travel

Around 35-40% of the travelers will use ChatBot for their travel related queries that includes travel plan, booking, queries & complaints by 2020.
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How a Travel Bot can help upscale your business!

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Increase in customer satisfaction & engagement & no hold/wait time
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Reduction in overall operational costs
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Accurate, verified and improved content to increase customer confidence for travel related queries

How CoRover ChatBot can streamline travel industry and drive digital adoption

24/7 customer support

Customers as of today have to wait a lot to get their basic queries answered. With CoRover AI Conversational Platform for travel industry, there queries will get answered instantly & will also help in booking their reservations, raising complaints/feedback for their travel related issues.

Most hotels, resorts & travel companies rely heavily on delivering excellent customer service to build their reputation and CoRover powered personal travel digital assistant can assist with this in a wide variety of different ways. For example, artificial intelligence can be used to improve personalization,

tailor recommendations and guarantee fast response times, even in the absence of staff.
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Personal Travel Digital Assistant

Booking, Cancellation & Payment Request

With Conversational & API integrations capabilities, CoRover ChatBot can accurately identify the customers and helps them in providing information on a variety of curated travel itineraries that travel company offers and helps them by booking the correct package that suits them, also helps them in

performing cancellation and initiate payment or refund request.
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In the day of digital era, where more than 60% travelers plan their trips over internet, CoRover powered AI Platform can help travel companies in sending relevant & targeted campaigns by understanding their past conversations, sentiments & purchasing power. Also, travel companies can

cross-sell relevant other products to these travelers.
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Helps in Upsell, Cross-sale & Promotions

Omni Channel Capabilities

Nowadays, travelers are not limited to only one medium of communication, which makes sense for these travel companies to have a presence everywhere and CoRover Platform allows seamless integration with their website and mobile application. It also allows them to have an easy and smooth

integration on all the social media channels and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Assistant, Alexa etc. The platform also has the capability to intelligent conversations over SMS and email.
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CoRover conversational AI Platform has the proven capability of handling & processing billions of data and transactions using through its inbuilt auto-scaling capabilities. The platform is secured, reliable and easy deployable. Customer information and your data is prime to us and we take care of the same with

complete security.
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Trust of handling large volume

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