AI-Powered 24×7 Public Grievance Management & Redressal Platform

Citizens get heard every time they voice their concern on eSevak.

Government Administrators’ big tool to turn to GenAI for
social good and public inclusion.


24×7 Online
eSevak is always accessible no matter what time it is. Citizens can raise complaints without any time-restrictions.

AI/ML Powered
The platform harnesses the power of AI/ML technologies to enhance user experience, automate, and engage.

Realtime Updates
With active cloud connect, citizens stay informed via instant updates as they happen throughout the ticket cycle.

eSevak can be easily accessed over WhatsApp and web through conversational virtual assistant interfaces.

Simple to use multi-lingual virtual interface to facilitate citizens in raising grievance using their own language.

Breaking free from typing in, eSevak enables citizens to interact using text, voice, and video as medium to interact.

eSevak represents a groundbreaking solution that empowers citizens to directly communicate grievances to department heads via WhatsApp and web-based conversational AI powered virtual assistant, ensuring prompt redressal and efficient handling of public issues. This innovative platform promises to transform the landscape of citizen-government interactions by providing a seamless and accessible channel for grievance redressal.

How it helps?

eSevak – a cutting-edge solution engineered to empower citizens with direct access to department heads through the convenience of WhatsApp and a user-friendly web-based conversational interface of a virtual assistant. Seamlessly bridging the gap between the public and governmental entities, this groundbreaking platform guarantees swift resolution and streamlined handling of public grievances. With eSevak, citizens can voice their concerns directly to the appropriate authorities, ensuring prompt redressal and efficient resolution of issues. This transformative platform promises a new era in citizen-government interactions, offering a seamless and accessible channel for effective grievance redressal. Experience the future of civic engagement with eSevak – where citizen empowerment meets technological innovation. 

On-the-go but in-the-know with realtime updates for authorities on eSevak.

AI-powered adoption of citizen
centric application “eSevak”


Instant Alerts
Get notified with newly registered complaints as they are logged, with focus on the concern and complainant.

Easy Resolution
Stay informed with intelligent routing that automates the grievance handling, enabling faster resolution of complaints.

On WhatsApp
No need of any additional installations with zero setup complexity that requires just a working WhatsApp account.

Connected 24×7
Seamlessly connected over the cloud to keep the authorities informed with the latest updates as they arrive.

AI-Enabled Web Based Monitoring System

Easy tracking and management of grievances within a unified platform that enables faster resolution of concerns raised by citizens via integrated channels.

The launch of eSevak and the broader digital initiatives underscore the administration’s unwavering commitment to embracing technology for the betterment of society. It represents a significant step towards building a digitally empowered district machinery, where citizens have easy access to essential services and their voices are heard and acted upon promptly.

Featured Case Study

Live Implementation

For District Samba, UT of J&K

In a pioneering move towards modernized governance, eSevak, an AI-powered WhatsApp and web-based multi-lingual conversational virtual assistant powered by BharatGPT & CoRover.ai, got adopted in Samba District of the UT of Jammu & Kashmir.

The launch of eSevak initiative reflects the administration’s steadfast commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of society. It marks a significant step towards building a digitally empowered district, where citizens have easy access to essential services, and their voices are promptly heard and addressed.