Secure Gen Al Co-Pilot for Enterprise Information Retrieval

CoroAssist is a smart Gen Al Information Retrieval System for businesses. It quickly gives accurate and role based info to your stakeholders from your reliable sources (your Websites, Docs, Videos, ERP/CRM Systems, APIs, and more), with references, using Virtual Assistants that speaks their language, ensuring better decisions without the hassle. The system is super secure and is based on industry specific LLM based RAG framework which can be deployed in less than a day.
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Key Features

Secure Retrieval-Augmented Generation (S-RAG)

Our system operates on the cutting-edge Secure Retrieval-Augmented Generation (S-RAG) framework, ensuring a secure and efficient information retrieval process.

Deploying CoroAssist is a breeze, taking less than a day to implement the industry-specific LLM-based RAG framework. This quick deployment allows your business to start benefiting from enhanced information retrieval almost immediately.

Rapid Deployment with LLM-based RAG Framework

Indexing Process:


The process kicks off by loading data using DocumentLoaders, initiating a comprehensive retrieval journey.


Text splitters divide documents into manageable chunks, optimizing indexing efficiency and ensuring compatibility with the model’s finite context window.


We securely store and index these splits, employing a combination of VectorStore and Embeddings models for efficient data retrieval in the future.

Ask Query with Voice or Text:

1. Retrieve

CoroAssist excels in retrieving relevant splits from storage when presented with user input. The Retriever ensures a seamless information retrieval experience.


Leveraging advanced models like BharatGPT, our system goes beyond conventional data retrieval, offering an intelligent and contextual understanding of user queries.


The ChatModel/LLM crafts responses by incorporating both the user’s question and the retrieved data. These responses are not only contextual but also transparent, providing reference links or splits from the knowledge base for enhanced user understanding.

Experience the power of CoroAssist and revolutionize the way your enterprise retrieves and utilizes information. Elevate decision-making, enhance productivity, and secure your data with our state-of-the-art Gen AI Co-Pilot.