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Client | Vendor | Affiliate | Co-Sell & Re-Sell Partner on Revenue Share Basis The reason CoRover team wakes up every day is to make every company a customer centric company. It is CoRover's job to ensure that our customers focus on their customers retention i.e. ensure that customer problems are addressed at the core. CoRover believes we will win, if we help our customers succeed in this. We make the best conversational bots. Our technology understand the intent and the context of the customer and can produce a contextual response. This means, if you ask a question via voice enabled device, the response can be video or voice or text in the language that the customer has asked. The response can be delivered across a variety of surfaces - on Android, iOS, Web, Signal, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, IVR, Email and more. We support 100+ languages (Vernacular and Foreign). This sophistication is derived from a set of proprietary AI based technology that is reliable, scaleable and flexible. We believe this results in unmatched outcome of improved productivity and profitability. Be a part of our journey, if you truly believe that a business can succeed only if they are customer centric.

CoRover Conversational AI Platform

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Why CoRover


• Multi-format - Video, Voice, Text Chatbot and Intelligent Virtual Assistant • Omni-channel - Web, App, Signal WhatsApp, IVR, SMS, Social Media Bots, Live Chat • Multilingual - works with 12 vernacular & 100+ foreign languages

Tech Edge

• Robust, Secure, Scalable Architecture (>800K concurrent users supported) Designed grounds up to be deployed on public / private clouds and on premise. An award-winning AI, ML & NLP based chatbot platform!

Turnaround Time

• 10x quicker to deploy, thanks to ease of training with our proprietary patent pending CBML (ChatBot Markup Language) technology. Train the bot in English and make it available in any language with industry leading (>95%) accuracy.

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