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Signal having Millions of active users recently switched from WhatsApp globally makes it a perfect platform for automating lead generation, customer engagement and customer support for your business. You can reach your prospects, customers, employees and partners through Signal! CoRover is the first in the world to offer Signal Chatbot to Businesses.*

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Automated Business Messaging!

Signal Bot automates responses for customer support queries, lead nurturing by responding to product queries, send transaction specific messages based on purchase history to increase customer engagement and retention.

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Signal Chatbot

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Signal Bot Features

• Instant & Accurate Response • Easy Integration, in just 10 mins • Video, Voice, Text based Chatbot • AI, ML & NLP Enabled • VR (Virtual Reality) & AR (Augmented Reality) Support • Multi Language Support (Foreign & Regional/Vernacular) • Live Dashboard to Monitor the Questions Asked, Accuracy and Feedback of the Users • Sentiment Analysis • Multi-Intent Sentence Simplification • Live Chat Integration • 1 Billion+ Active Users • 4 Million+ Daily Active Users

Signal Bot Features

• Accuracy, Reliability, Security and Scalability are paramount • Revenue Making Opportunity for our clients with our Advertisement Platform • Omni-Channel Chatbot can be integrated with website, android app, iOS app, Facebook, Signal Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, IVR, Live Chat, Email, Twitter, Slack, Skype, Google Assistant and any provided APIs • Developed a new language, CBML (Chatbot Mark-up Language), which makes it very simple for anyone who knows English to create a conversational bot having contextual dialogue and workflow management. This language defines the journeys

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