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Chatbots are becoming strong ally for sales & marketing department

Lead Generation Automation 30% of top-performing companies today use AI-powered marketing chatbots to deliver superior marketing experiences

Importance of chatbots in funneling sales and marketing of businesses

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of enquiries can be turned into a sale without any human intervention
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times a chatbot can convert your website visitor into a prospect
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Of reduction in call times due to prerequisite information already getting captured

How CoRover bot can help save businesses time and money, while bringing them more qualified leads

Chatbots are perfect tools for the B2B arena; engaging customers in interactive conversational experience, receive more precise customer feedback and conduct market research as well. Customers belonging to this generation, do not like to wait for that amount of time. They need instantaneous replies and a platform through which they can talk with a brand representative.

Lead Generation and Scoring

Every business has a dedicated team to qualify and segregate their leads given that lead qualification is such an important part of a business workflow. With a sequential list of targeted questions, chatbots can qualify leads

for us and decide whether a user is a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) or a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). Another hefty advantage is that after all the hard work done by the bots, some representative can easily overtake the charge and close the deal for you.

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Providing a personalized experience

CoRover chatbot applications are programmed in a way to identify customers by their personal interactions, and address them based on this information, making them feel understood. The bots record customer interactions

and analyze such data in creating their profiles for marketing communications. Rather than create generalized marketing campaigns from large data, you can streamline various customer data, and communicate with them on a personal level. Having recorded customer interactions over time, the chatbot is able to engage them in a two-way conversation, creating an illusion of human-human conversation.

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Improve the sales funnel

CoRover chatbot can be used to track and collect large data of both current and prospective customers. Doing this manually is cumbersome. At the speed of light, the bots

interpret data, and make useful predictions of their buying outcomes. Chatbots can be used to influence the customer positively through all the 4 stages of sales funnel - awareness, interest, decision, and action.

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Reach a wider market

Brand awareness is one of the first stages of marketing. The more people are aware of your products and/or services, the more sales you are likely to make. CoRover chatbots are

integrated into social media platforms and can reach an unlimited number of people in the virtual space. CoRover’s advanced analytics enable you to streamline your marketing efforts to your target market.

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