Leading banks and financial services companies worldwide are racing to maximize the benefits of AI-powered ChatBot features

Conversational Banking & Commerce AI can save the banking & finance industry more than USD 1 trillion by 2030 - The Financial Brand

Importance of chatbots to improve banking & financial services to bring operational efficiency & reduce operational costs

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Banking & Financial service companies saves in customer support costs through intelligent chatbot
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of customers deal with their banking problems by using a ChatBot rather than going to their branch
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Minutes per enquiry banks can save through AI based conversation bots and that means cost savings of $0.50-0.70 each time

How CoRover bot can help banking & financial sectors in leveraging the best of AI conversational capabilities

A chatbot is not only about saving money, it is an effective technology solution that financial service providers use to offer exceptional customer journeys with the help of fast responses, 24/7 availability, personalized service, meeting customers’ goals and improving their financial well-being.

Personal Finance Assistance

ChatBots, as interactive digital agents, are perfect for comprehensive personal assistance, especially when it comes to managing their money. From checking accounts and tracking daily expenses to giving investment advice,

the modern ChatBot should make you feel like you have a personal banker at your disposal anytime and anywhere. CoRover ChatBot can help you in checking account balance, mini statement, spending analysis, ATM locators, product clarifications etc.

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Seamless CRM Integration

CoRover ChatBot applications are seamless to integrate with a variety of leading CRM systems and business apps, at best - code-free. CRM integration enables consistent cross-channel customer relationship management, helping

you increase customer retention.

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Multi-language & omni-channel capabilities

CoRover chatbot supports most of the Foreign and Indian vernacular languages, which help customers in better engagement across multiple channels. Having a bot ready to chat with new clients in their native language allows

you to reach a bigger audience, saves customer frustration, and increases customer satisfaction.

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Analytics & reporting

CoRover chatbot can quickly measure how effective bot resolves customer queries which helps in constant analyze, measure, and refine chatbot’s performance and strategy to make it successful. Analytics empowers financial

organizations to track and report the efficiency of the chats, to build a deeper understanding of customers, and to act on data in real-time. Key chatbot metrics that CoRover bot measures are Total users, active users, new users, Customer satisfaction ratings, Feedback submissions, The number of chat connections and chat duration, Response time, The number of unanswered chats, Chatbot fallback responses, The channels where users come from, Retention rate and many more.

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