Key Features

Key Features: CoRover

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Chatbot Type Text, Voice, Video, Google Business messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, Signal, IVR, SMS, Social Media, Email, News. 
2 Video Bot AI Based Video Bot Capabilities.
3 Language Support 12 Indian Languages Support & 100+ Foreign Languages Support. Know more
4 User Interface UI Widgets for conversational interface e.g carousels, buttons, forms etc.
5 Dialog Flow Management Predefined workflows like greeting on entry or exit, response to cuss words, error messages on no internet etc.
6 Multimedia Capable of running rich media (text, image, audio, video), maps on chatbot.
7 Rich Text Redirection to external web pages or documents etc.
8 Feedback Each Response wise or overall feedback. Measuring customer satisfaction.
9 Live Chat Dashboard Integration of live chat platforms wherever necessary.
10 Authentication SSO, Native Login, OTP based etc. authentication
11 Analytics Dashboard Applying sentiment analytics like feedback, number of questions asked etc.
12 AI Operational Tools

Tools to monitor customer behavior and to ensure virtual assistants learn, adapt, and evolve with customer needs. Continuous improvement of intents and models supporting customer interactions. Operational Tools to define and create customer conversations, understanding failure points, optimizing contents, journey’s, new channels and adding new intents.

Insight engine. 

Tools supported by AI experts at the Bidder to optimize the VA on a daily basis.




Support for multiple intents in the same sentence.



Continuing conversation without losing context. Support for continuity in conversation to anticipate and understand user intent.
15 Contextual and Geo-location based Advertisement   Able to serve contextual advertisements on the Chatbot, and able to serve the advertisements based on geography.
16 Header Bidding  Header bidding capabilities to procure and run advertisements.
17 Technology Technology Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing based Chatbot.
18 Integration Easy and scalable ERP integration. 
19 Omni Channel Support Multiple Channels support i.e. Web, Android, iOS App, WhatsApp, Phone/IVR, AI Kiosk, SMS, Signal, MS Teams and more channels to reach customers where they are. The Chatbot is platform agnostic, which gives dynamic results with API Integrations.
The Chatbot is platform agnostic, there must be a live database which gives dynamic results for API Integration. 
20 Platform Proprietary chatbot platform and proprietary algorithms to train the chatbot.
21 Scalability Unlimited. We have handled 800K concurrent users in one Virtual Assistant.
22 Response Time Less than 0.5 second.
23 Accuracy of responses. Consistently above 90%.
24 Application Security

ISO 27001:2013 Certified (Information Security Management System)

ISO 9001:2015 Certified (Process )

Third party Security Test & Certification from CERT-In empanelled company

GDPR Compliant

PII data like name, email, phone (if any)  are all stored with encryption

Multiple layers of security-hosted in VPC, SSL  encrypted and protected by DDOS attack shield

Enabled with health checks and load balanced  which makes the application accessible all times

Disaster Recovery supported

25 Advertisement Service capability Self-sufficient to serve advertisements on Chatbot.
26 Affiliate Marketing Platform Support Affiliate marketing platform to support and manage affiliate products & programs. 
27 Experience Users 500 Million+ Users.
28 Patent Patent applied in India, Singapore, UK
29 Sectors E Commerce, Travel Utilities, Education, BFSI, Governments, Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, Entertainment, Corporate, Gaming, Food and beverage.
30 Clients IRCTC, Indian Railways, IRCTC Tourism, NPCI, RuPay, 70+ Banks, ATC/ITC Ltd, Mahindra Group, IGL, KSRTC, SRS, Aquetas (US), Gamerji, Aura Health Solution (US), Malahide Shopping (UAE), Digital India, NSDC, Unilever, GRSE (Indian Navy – Defense), Finastra (UK), Innovation Hills (Japan), Comviva, and more
31 CoSell/Resell partners: Microsoft, Accenture, Google, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, IRCTC, Finastra, and more
32 Horizontals HR / Finance / Operations / Marketing
33 Advertisement  20 Billion+ ad Impressions. 




Users: 500 Million+
Sessions: 1.75 Billion+
Page Views: 3 Billion+
Interactions: 20 Billions+