AI-enabled e-learning tools will reach over $6 Billion by 2024

AI systems are being used to develop custom learning profile of each student and customize the training materials for each student based on their ability, preferred mode of learning, and experience.
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How Personalization can help in imparting quality education

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Of millennia’s set to make up global workforce
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Increase in application of AI in education and learning by 2021
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of educators' time is spent on non-teaching tasks

Artificial intelligence is totally revolutionizing the teaching-learning process in education…

ChatBots & VideoBots

ChatBots can help the student to answer their queries without waiting or booking an appointment with the mentor. With AI-powered chatbot, educational institutes and learning & development departments of any corporate organizations can leverage natural language processing and machine learning

capabilities to improve learning outcomes. CoRover powered AI chatbot can also act as teaching assistants and deliver quick resolutions to learners’ queries.

CoRover’s unique VideoBot solution also serves the purpose of building better relationship with their mentors as they can ask their questions to them at any time and feel like the mentor is answering them in person.

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CoRover’s AI based technology specially catered to Education Industry enables organizations to deliver more personalized training depending upon individual learners’ needs. As different learners learn differently (one learner may respond well to ILT or blended learning, while another may need a

different delivery mode), our AI can predict the learning behaviors of individual learners and give personalized insights and recommendations through our analytical solutions. Research indicates that instant feedback is one of the keys to successful tutoring and through Feedback system incorporated in our solutions, we help students to get targeted and customized responses from their teachers.
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Personalized Learning

Making quality education affordable & accessible

One of the primary focus of education is that it should be available to all at an affordable rate. AI-powered learning system makes classrooms accessible to all, including those in another state, region or country. Capability to impart the education in most of the foreign and Indian Vernacular

languages sets CoRover’s AI framework provides ease of access at an affordable rate. A study states that by 2021, the application of AI in education and learning will increase by 47.5%. Beyond academics, it can also streamline students’ career choices.
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CoRover AI framework, by definition & rules, focuses on machines that are designed to be intelligent enough to work and react like humans. AI has cut down the administrative tasks and helped in saving time and efforts teachers used to put in things like assessing students’ work and grading exams.

With this, teachers can now direct their energies towards engaging with their students and dealing with challenges that they are facing. CoRover AI based system can automate the expedition of administrative duties for teachers and academic institutions which eventually helps them to be more profitable and sustainable.
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AI is simplifying administrative tasks

Adoption of voice assistants

Voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana are giving students a chance to interact with educational material without the interaction of the teacher. These devices can be used at home or similar non-educational environment to provide conversational interaction

with teaching material and additional educational assistance. CoRover AI Platform supports the seamless integrations with these platforms and helps in adoption of voice assistants. CoRover ChatBot supports more than 50 Foreign and Indian Vernacular languages which makes it a true qualifier to be most smart accessible voice assistant.
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CoRover powered Learning Analytics helps you to see how your organization might see the benefits of AI once implemented. With AI-powered analytics, educational institutions can finally achieve a better understanding of their student’s needs and make informed decisions to drive a more

positive learning impact. Learning & Development, with the help of AI technology, has a major role to play in shaping the future workforce but at the same time it has to be measurable, Through Quick feedbacks, students response & the time they spend, reinforced learning behavior of the system are few of the parameters using which you can understand how your CoRover powered AI system is helping you to get the most of the benefits.
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Learning Analytics through measurable ROI

Learning is Awesome! So, are you planning to use AI to future-proof your industry and be awesome?