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VLog ContestPowered by IRCTC & CoRover!
Contest Mission:

Create and submit videos which must feature/explain about any Tourist Place of India, Indian Trains, Indian Railways and products and services of IRCTC like IRCTC Ticketing, Catering, IRCTC Tourism, IRCTC Air, IRCTC Chatbot, IRCTC Affiliation, etc. 

Last date to apply – 31st August 2021

Categories of Videos:
  • IRCTC Tourism:- IRCTC Tourism Packages:- Rail Tour Packages, Flight Tour Packages (International & Domestic), Bharat Darshan Trains and Deluxe Tourist Train Packages, IRCTC Tourism App and Website, LTC Packages and other related packages on website.
  • IRCTC Air:- Flight booking through IRCTC, LTC with IRCTC Air, IRCTC Air App features and IRCTC Air website features, deals in IRCTC Air, Free travel insurance in IRCTC Air, FLYat50 offer.
  • IRCTC E-Catering:- IRCTC E-Catering by IRCTC, IRCTC E Catering App and website (introduction, process of booking an emeal, mode of payment etc.)
  • IRCTC iMudra:- IRCTC iMudra App and website and its features.
  • IRCTC SBI Card:- IRCTC SBI card and its features.
  • IRCTC New e-ticketing website and its features and IRCTC e-ticketing app and its features.
  • IRCTC Tejas Express (Lucknow-Delhi-Lucknow and Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Ahmedabad) route and features.
  • IRCTC Bus bookings.
  • Retiring Room booking through IRCTC.
  • IRCTC Hotel booking
  • Coach Charter, Train Charter, Saloon Charter by IRCTC (www.ftr.irctc.co.in)
  • AI Chatbot from IRCTC
  • Affiliate marketing program of IRCTC for certain products only
  • Travel Tips
  • Testimonials 
  • Others
Contest Criteria (Terms & Conditions):
  1. Applicant can be an individual or an organisation 
  2. Top 3 winners will be awarded a trophy from IRCTC & CoRover along with below prizes:
    a) 1st Position: INR 1 Lakh + Certificate + Trophy 
    b) 2nd Position: INR 50000 + Certificate + Trophy 
    c) 3rd Position: INR 25000 + Certificate + Trophy 
  3. Rest all winners will get Gift Card worth INR 500 and certificate 
  4. Around 300 winners would be selected overall, and we would have winners from each State & UT, based on the quality of the video – concept, content, videography.
  5. Video can be live shooting or info-graphics or hybrid 
  6. Applicant can submit one or more videos
  7. Selected videos would be uploaded in the official channels of IRCTC and/or Maharaja, on the description of the management (IRCTC & CoRover joint management team)
  8. Video creator’s name will be mentioned in the description
  9. Selected videos will become the property of IRCTC and user will have no right to claim any kind of copyright on the same anytime in the future. Moreover, users will not upload or share the same videos with any other channel. These videos can only be featured in any channel (YouTube, website, mobile app, social media, etc.) by IRCTC and only on decision of IRCTC.
  10. Length of each video should be minimum 1 minute
  11. A joint management team of CoRover and IRCTC will have the rights to change any condition and reject any video or applicant without any justification
  12. Description of published video would have IRCTC tourism affiliate link of the video creator, which would give the earning opportunity to the winner. This would be on the discretion of the winner and IRCTC Ltd., however, final decision shall be taken by IRCTC Ltd only
  13. Winner will have chance to submit more videos even after the contest, which will give the applicant an opportunity to earn more using the affiliate program of IRCTC for certain products only
  14. IRCTC & CoRover will have right to edit or trim the videos before publishing, even merge with any other videos
  15. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.
  16. All terms, prizes and any other information are subject to change without notice or obligation
  17. Any disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only
  18. Vloggers are advised to use copyright free content, music, images etc for designing the videos. Vloggers are also advised to take appropriate approvals from the concerned authorities for any shoot(if any required) at government and private properties. Management shall not be responsible for any copyright claims and seeking approvals from any authorities

For any queries please email us at vlog@CoRover.ai

Last date to apply – 31st August 2021

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