CoRover is the World’s first and highest ROI delivering human centric conversational Artificial Intelligence platform started by Ankush Sabharwal. CoRover offers a conversational AI platform with all the features needed to successfully manage the chatbots across all communication channels for consumer centric businesses. CoRover’s virtual assistance platform includes Chatbots, Voice bots and Video bots. 

With over 16 years of experience in building SaaS products, Ankush launched the startup in 2016 with investments from a few friends. Today, it has around 52 crore users of its virtual assistants and clients like IRCTC, Mahindra and many more.  

“I worked for corporate companies for 15 years in India, US and UK. I tried to find out what makes a company better. Then I realised that it depends on their engagement and interaction with the consumers and how they handle consumers’ problems. As maximum consumers file the same kind of complaints, we make this software to identify and understand the problem and to provide an automated solution,” says Ankush Sabharwal, Founder and CEO, CoRover. 

“In December 2016 we officially launched our startup. I had some assets and then some of my friends joined and invested here. That’s how we sustained and grew our startup. We are now at the growth stage and expect to increase our user count by 1 billion by 2025”, adds Sabharwal.    

A Video bot is the latest invention by CoRover that creates a Metaverse version of a real human being. According to Sabharwal, it’s like a digital twin of a human being which can be used to talk with the CEO of any company or any celebrity even if the person is not live.   

With its AI backed virtual assistance platform CoRover aims to change the traditional customer support system like phone calls, live chats and email assistance.

“Now lots of companies are coming with RFP (request for proposal) and tenders. They considered this a viable solution. We are now one of the leaders in this space as we have more than 500 million users globally. We are working with many investment bankers to raise our funds soon. We are trying to raise 8 million dollars,” says Sabharwal about the future prospects of CoRover. 

“We have added some other verticals. We already had clients from travel like SRTC, IRCTC, KSRTC along with Mahindra cars and bikes. We have clients from banking, retail and other utilities. We have 300+ inbound leads. The platform is set as we have partners like Microsoft and Accenture and we are trying to convert those leads with the help of our partners,” adds Sabharwal.

The crisis induced by Covid-19 pandemic was an opportunity for CoRover. It entered into the banking vertical and its services were in high demand as the entire banking world depended on virtual operations.  

“The pandemic was a blessing in disguise. We were travel-focused. Because people need someone while travelling. IRCTC was our first major customer. During the pandemic, our revenue became zero. We switched to another vertical that is banking. We had 70+ implementations in 3-4 months as people required support as they could not go to the office then. We used to get 10 demo requests every day,” says Sabharwal.

CoRover is one of the 20 startups selected for mentorship under the Mentors of Global Bharat program, an initiative by TV9 Bharatvarsh and SAP to offer guidance and support to budding entrepreneurs. Sabharwal expects guidance from the mentors in sales and marketing to scale his business.

“Being a techie guy, I don’t understand much about sales and marketing. Though people are realising the benefits of our platform and our delivery capability, we want to scale our platform where we have a less human touch. We want to provide a Self-service platform but we are looking forward to our clients making virtual assistance with the help of our partners. We need mentorship in sales and marketing to scale our platform globally seeking business advice and technical advice. I congratulate TV9 for giving more opportunities to startups and it will help us to run the global sales smoothly,” adds Sabharwal.

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